Charlotte Morris and her balance recovery from a fall.

Charlotte Morris experienced a fall while on vacation in Florida. She hit her head in the fall, causing a concussion and diminished balance which of course put her at an even higher fall risk. The increased dizziness has created a real fear of falling again therefore, she needed  a walker to feel safe when walking. The situation was frustrating for Charlotte as she lives an active lifestyle, including camping, riding motorcycles, and shopping. She was also concerned that her walker made her look “old.” Her biggest fear was falling again, as the concussion increased her risk of falling.  Her main goal is to stop using her walker as she has a camping trip planned with her husband in a few weeks.

Lucky for Charlotte, balance is one of our specialties here at Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center. With our AlterG treadmill and a balance and strengthening program prescribed by the physical therapy staff at our Shelbyville clinic, Charlotte is well on her way to not having to pack her walker on her camping trip. When asked about her care, Charlotte says “I feel great about my therapy and I have made so many great friends. I love this place and the staff. It’s a great group and has been a great experience for me.” She is already referring friends and family.

Help us wish Charlotte a complete recovery as she continues her therapy and working towards her goals to move better faster. Thank you, Charlotte, for choosing Elite and trusting us to get you back on your feet for your camping trip and motorcycle rides.

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