Carilu’s Total Hip Replacement

Carilu Robinson’s successful physical therapy rehab from a Total Hip Replacement.  Carilu was a competitive gymnast when she was younger. She believes all the competitions she was in, coupled with breast cancer & chemo later helped deteriorate her hip.  Carilu’s physical activities had really slowed down from the constant pain. After 18 months of hip pain, her orthopedist said her hip was bone on bone and she needed a total hip replacement.

Carilu started physical therapy with the goal of 100% recovery and freedom from any pain. She wanted to get back to her normal active lifestyle. She is excited to finally be walking normal and without pain. Carilu states that her therapy was extremely helpful in recovery from surgery, the Physical Therapist and Techs were amazing, caring and very knowledgeable.

When asked if she would refer Elite to friends and family, Carilu states, “Yes! I have four athletic children and if any of them has an issue, I will definitely send them to Elite Physical Therapy!”

Thank you Carilu for the great endorsement. You were a great patient! Keep pushing hard and you will be back to all your physical activities that you love.

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