Bruce Guenther’s Back Pain Testimony

“The staff at Elite has been wonderful. Everyone has been super friendly and knowledgeable. They listened to me tell about my injury and came up with a plan that worked, all while making sure I was not uncomfortable with any exercises I was given! I would highly recommend Elite Physical Therapy to friends, family and even my enemies.” -Bruce F. Guenther

Bruce Guenther knows back pain. One day recently he was driving a fork lift truck. He had to turn around to face the back when he realized his load on the fork was too high. That simple turn gave him a back strain with shooting pain from his lower back down his right leg. This pain wasn’t going away on its own, so Bruce turned to Elite Physical Therapy and Balance for help. With the personalized care from Elite’s staff, Bruce started feeling better fast. When we asked him how he felt about his therapy, he said, “I feel great! I have reached so far, and I am grateful!”

We at Elite Physical Therapy and Balance Center are grateful, too. We are so glad to see you improving and feeling better!

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  1. After my three knee surgeries, Elite help me so much to get back to a normal life style. I went 3 times a week, then down to twice a week. With everything that they did to help me, I felt absolutely great with alot of strength and energy.

    Thank you to everyone at Elite for doing an amazing job.

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