Beverly Waddell Recovers from Frozen Shoulder

Beverly Waddell is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  She was officially diagnosed with frozen shoulder.  It occurred as she was trying to get down on her hands and knees, and unfortunately, she slipped while getting down.  She fell directly on her shoulder, jamming it into the ground.  She dealt with the pain for about 4-6 months, but when she could no longer get her clothes on and off without assistance, she decided that it was time to get it looked at.  Upon the referral from her husband, she used direct access and came directly to see us here at the clinic.

Beverly expressed that her goal was to become self-sufficient again, sleep without pain waking her up, and to be able to raise her hands to worship again in church on Sundays.  Once she began her therapy, she started to feel better by the second week of therapy, which was about four visits.  She loved how the therapists had her trying different techniques to reach her goals.  She states, ” I loved every employee that I worked with and felt like I had the best techs and therapists a person could wish to have.  They all pushed me to do my best and it worked out great.”

Finally, Beverly states this about her Elite experience, “They are just the best.  I will definitely refer them to other people.  Josh, Deb, and Jason rock as therapists and the tech did an amazing job getting me ready for them.  Thank you Elite for helping me reach my goals.”

Beverly, you are very welcome.  You did a great job.  You toughed through the pain and we are glad to see you back to normal.  We miss you, but are glad you are feeling better!

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