Alene Edmonson Battles Osteoarthritis

Alene Edmonson is a patient in our Spring Hill clinic.  She suffers from Osteoarthritis that has caused left hip pain and degenerative disc disease in her back.  Alene used to play piano, guitar, and even the accordion, but the arthritis has made it very difficult to continue with those hobbies.  It has also made it where it’s hard to close her hands tightly/completely, which makes it also hard to paint.  She has trouble walking long distances, standing in one place very long, or lifting heavy objects.  To say the least, Alene was frustrated with the disease and sought out help at Elite Physical Therapy.

Alene’s states that she started feeling better faster in just 3-4 visits.  Her neck and shoulder pain has tremendously decreased and she now knows how to do stretches at home that when needed helps release the tension.  She loved the neck and shoulder massages at Elite too.  Her goal for PT is to help strengthen her left side, build the muscles that help with posture and low back pain, be consistent in her home exercises, and to learn how to dance.  Just kidding, she has seen Grant dance.

Alene testifies, “I feel this staff of physical therapists and the receptionist are the best I have ever worked with.  They each are polite, do not ‘talk down’ to patients, are encouraging, very professional, and inspire their patients to do their best.  I hesitate to mention names as I might miss someone, but I do look forward each appointment to see Grant, his is a wonderful people person and tech.”

Thank you Mrs. Alene for letting us be a part of your wonderful story.  Keep up the home exercises and stretches.  You are doing great!

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  1. Ruby Alene Edmonson

    I just wanted to add to the comments made by Elite Physical Therapy…..I also have Rheumatoid, as well as Osteo Arthritis….for anyone suffering from R.A. The Physical Therapy that I received at Elite Therapy also made a difference in how I learned to deal with the Rheumatoid factor as well as the Osteo. I would feel so good when I left my appointments…..but as everyone knows, there is actually no “cure” for Arthritis………The Physical Therapy does help a person to learn how to exercise at home to keep your body moving!

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