TMJ At-Home Therapy

If attending physical therapy, you will be given a home exercise program to do on off days and to continue after discharge. An HEP may consist of the following:

    • Chin tucks – shoulders back and chest up, bring chin straight back making a double chin.
    • Relax jaw – place tongue behind upper front teeth and slowly allow jaw to drop, relax.
    • Tongue up – place tongue on roof of mouth and slowly open and close jaw.
    • Side to side jaw movements, forward and backward jaw movements
      • Ice jaw if real painful
      • Heat if real stiff

Along with Physical therapy, there are many other options for symptom relief for TMJ. Mouth guards may be suggested if you grind teeth at night. If you have pain with oral hygiene, be sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush and mouth wash if unable to keep mouth open for flossing. Let your Dentist know if you have pain during any dental procedures.

Things to avoid:

    • Chewy foods or gum
    • Nail biting
    • Excessive head and jaw movements
    • Yawning or singing activities
    • Practice good posture

If these methods don’t work, muscle relaxers may be prescribed or take Ibuprofen to relieve pain. Also may be used with the above methods.

If you are having pain in your jaw or have been diagnosed with TMJ, please come see us for a free consultation to see how we can assist you in your recovery.  To request an appointment, click here, or call directly to one of our three locations during regular business hours:

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