Josh Melchior Recovers from Hip and Lower Back Injury

Josh Melchior is a PT at our Shelbyville clinic and wanted to share his own story with you about his hip and lower back injury that occurred while lifting weights.  Below is Josh’s story in his own words:

“I hurt myself working out several weeks ago. I was deadlifting and felt a catch in my left hip and my low back but didn’t have any immediate pain. the next morning I had a lot of pain and stiffness and it hurt to stand up straight. stretching and exercises helped, but I was unable to do any lifting while working out as it would increase my pain. Lifting weights is something I’ve always enjoyed.
One of the PTAs that works with me at our Shelbyville clinic, Deb Haggard, offered to use Kinesiotape on my hip and low back. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting at my computer and thought to myself, “I need to move so my back doesn’t get stiff again,” but when I went to move, I didn’t have any pain. I went to work out that night and was able to squat and deadlift more weight than I’d been able to since hurting myself 6 weeks ago without any pain during, after, or even the next day. Two days later, Deb re-applied tape for the weekend and I was able to again workout without any pain, as well as do my hip and low back exercises and stretches. Since then, I’ve been able to lift weights with minimal to no pain during or after without any kinesio tape.”
Injuries happen to all of us.  Thankfully, Deb was there to assist Josh with his injury.  Josh, we are thankful that you are pain free and that Deb could help you Feel Better Faster.


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