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Neck Traction is a modality available at Elite Physical Therapy and Balance. According to some statistics, it is estimated that 30%-50% of people will experience at least one occurrence of neck pain within a one year period by the time they reach middle age. Neck pain or Cervicalgia is defined as pain and discomfort particularly in the back and sides of your neck. This condition is often caused by over use of the muscles in the back of the neck or by poor postural habits leading to increased muscle tightness and limited mobility in the cervical spine.

During you time at Elite Physical Therapy your treatment may consist of various exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the back of your neck to improve mobility, decrease pain and improve poor postural habits. Here at Elite we also utilize a form of treatment called mechanical cervical traction also know as decompression therapy. This form of treatment is performed with the patient lying on their back and their head placed in a special cradle that provides a gentle upward pull which can assist in elongating the muscles of the back of the neck. Traction can also be beneficial if a patient has nerve root compression in the cervical region of the spine by helping to increase spaces between the vertebra thereby freeing up pressure on the spinal nerves.

A typical traction treatment will normally last between 15-20 minutes with alternating stretches of 60 seconds and relax time of 20 seconds. Results of traction may include decreased pain, improved mobility and posture, and decreased radiating pain into the arms and hands.

If you are experiencing pain in your neck or have been diagnosed with Cervicalgia, contact us for neck traction.  Remember, in most instances, a doctor’s prescription to see us today is not required.  To request an appointment, click here, or call directly to one of our three locations during regular business hours:

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