Misha’s Piriformis Story

As a practicing physical therapist, I found myself as a patient dealing with Piriformis Syndrome. My testimony involves self diagnosis and self treating. After a “bout” of over-activity that seemed to cause consistent numbness down the posterior aspect of my left leg with left foot parenthesis (abnormal sensations). Several doctors visits with a missed diagnosis left me self treating for over 2 years and for a time,

Meniscus Surgery Won’t Stop Dylan

Dylan Lafrenz is a patient at our Cool Springs location in Franklin.  Dylan is an athlete and likes to play football and lift weights.  He had a minor meniscus injury that occurred in a football game, but finally tore it completely while squatting weights.  The injury required Dylan to have meniscus surgery and has kept him from being active,

Carilu’s Total Hip Replacement

Carilu Robinson’s successful physical therapy rehab from a Total Hip Replacement.  Carilu was a competitive gymnast when she was younger. She believes all the competitions she was in, coupled with breast cancer & chemo later helped deteriorate her hip.  Carilu’s physical activities had really slowed down from the constant pain. After 18 months of hip pain,

Ben’s Story of Hand Pain

Ben Woodruff’s hand pain came when he was taking a Jiu Jitsu class and fractured a finger grappling his opponent.   Grappling, as in wrestling, is a sport that consists of gripping or seizing the opponent.  Ben remembers trying to brace himself and accidentally put all his weight on his left ring finger which fractured it.

Chuck’s Recovery from Back Pain

Read about Chuck’s recovery from back pain through the use of Physical Therapy. Chuck Brown has had back pain issues for a long time, but this June 2019 beach trip to Florida will be one he will remember as a painful one. He knew it was time to professionally address his chronic back pain and have a safe recovery.

Kathy Perry’s frozen shoulder story

Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easier to know the right thing to do after it has happened. Here is Kathy Perry’s story of a frozen shoulder. Last summer, she noticed her left shoulder pain and how it wanted to freeze up and continually got worse. She ignored it until October. Kathy’s doctor prescribed physical therapy 2 times a week,

Mike Rittenberry and his quick relief through direct access

Mike Rittenberry’s story of how he quickly went from back pain to relief through direct access at Elite Physical Therapy.

Due to recent storms and blown down limbs, Mike Rittenberry had an abundance of broken sticks and limbs to pick up from his yard.  Within a couple of days, he began to have back spasms and back pain that he attributes to all the bending he was doing to clean up his yard.