Sheree’s Total Shoulder Replacement

“Best Program around”

Sheree Hester was very anxious about her first visit for physical therapy after shoulder replacement. Sheree works in healthcare and over the years due to heavy lifting and pulling, she was in need of shoulder replacement.

Ms. Hester’s plan of care started with pain control and maintaining the motion at her wrist and elbow.

Rita McBee’s Neck Pain

After cervical spinal fusion eight years ago, Rita McBee relies on physical therapy to help her with neck pain, stiffness and burning caused from arthritis. Keeping her up at night and from enjoying daily activities, Rita knew it was time for physical therapy at the Shelbyville clinic of Elite Physical Therapy.  

Rita says “the staff at Elite Physical Therapy thoroughly evaluated my pain and set out a plan of care to give me relief.

Ms Ritt and Her Back Pain

Ms. Ardis Rittenberry – or Ms. Ritt, as we call her – has been a patient at our Shelbyville clinic for several months now for bulging disc/sciatica. She originally came for her low back pain and complained of “walking like an old lady” because of her pain. Ms. Ritt is very active in her community and has great-grandchildren to play with,

Christie’s Morton’s Neuroma

My battle with Morton’s Neuroma started when I made friends with my neighbors who happen to be professional wrestlers. One offered to train me and help me loose weight-which I definitely need- and so I went to our apartment gym with him. In the process of doing a new exercise regime and attempting to impress this giant man with muscles the size of my thighs,

Charlotte Morris and her balance recovery from a fall.

Charlotte Morris experienced a fall while on vacation in Florida. She hit her head in the fall, causing a concussion and diminished balance which of course put her at an even higher fall risk. The increased dizziness has created a real fear of falling again therefore, she needed  a walker to feel safe when walking.