Charlotte Morris and her balance recovery from a fall.

Charlotte Morris experienced a fall while on vacation in Florida. She hit her head in the fall, causing a concussion and diminished balance which of course put her at an even higher fall risk. The increased dizziness has created a real fear of falling again therefore, she needed  a walker to feel safe when walking.

Both Knees At Once


Rob’s brave story of having both total knees replaced at once. After years of playing sports, multiple motorcycle accidents and spending 32 years in Armed Forces, it was time to re evaluate both knee issues which caused severe pain and effected my quality of life. 

Step one was a scope of both knees to repair torn meniscus and trying to somewhat reduce pain on both knees.

Linda Griffin’s Neuropathy Testimony

Linda Griffin came to our Shelbyville Clinic because of weakness in her legs due to Multiple Sclerosis.  The tingling and burning in her hands and feet needed to be addressed despite the fact that it was not why she originally came to therapy.  The wonderful therapists at Elite PT and Balance put together a plan using the latest technology to treat her neuropathy and weakness in legs.