Right Knee Surgery Won’t Slow Down Amanda Satterfield

Amanda Satterfield is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  Amanda was running around her block when she hyperextended her right knee.  She went to the doctor who ordered an MRI, which showed that she tore her meniscus and some cartilage in her knee.  Her knee cap was also displaced due to the swelling as the fluid was pushing it to the side of her leg.

Karen Phillips Battles Tennis Elbow, Trigger Finger, and Carpal Tunnel

Karen Phillips has been battling a myriad of arm problems including tennis elbow, trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.  This past episode included her hand locking up around a car part at her work.  She was working hard trying to get orders out and her hand just froze around the part.  She had to have someone assist her in getting the part out of her hand. 

Malik Trollinger Overcomes Back Pain to Play Sports Again

Malik Trollinger is a patient at our Shelbyville clinic.  Malik was working out with his football team doing dead-lifts.  He had 395 pounds on the bar, but when he lifted the bar, he heard a lot of cracking and immediately dropped the weight.  He knew something was immediately wrong and called for the trainer to check him out. 

Martha “Marty” Weidenbach Battles Multiple Sclerosis

Martha “Marty” Weidenbach is a patient in our Shelbyville clinic.  Marty battles multiple sclerosis on a daily basis.  Because there is not cure for MS, Elite can help Marty and other patients manage their symptoms and pain through physical therapy when needed.  Unfortunately for Marty, over the last year her MS has caused weakness in her left leg which was leading to falling regularly.