Darlene’s Total Knee Recovery

Darlene Walker initially came to Elite Physical Therapy for spinal stenosis and to help prepare her for a total knee replacement. When Darlene first started her therapy, she was limited in walking, standing, climbing stairs, getting out of chairs, playing with her grandchildren, and was prone to falling due to her knee “collapsing”.

Plantar Fasciitis Patient Story

Which came first for Margie, the Plantar Fasciitis or Morton’s Neuroma? Plantar fasciitis is a disorder resulting in pain in the heel and bottom surface of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. Mortons Neuroma is a painful condition that affects one or both feet. People say that they feel as though they are standing on a rock caught in their shoe,

Kyle Huggins’ Utilizes Direct Access

Kyle Huggins was fortunate to understand that Direct Access allows him to come straight to physical therapy. When he started hurting, he knew that he did not have to suffer or wait on a doctor’s referral. Kyle just scheduled an appointment for an evaluation where he was quickly evaluated and started to get relief right away.

Dana Williams’ Successful Recovery from Impingement Syndrome

Dana Williams had to put his golf game on hold until he could get relief from the pain in his right shoulder. After x-rays and a steroid shot for temporary relief, Dana came to the Cool Springs location to get help through physical therapy. In about 6 PT visits, he was seeing a big difference in his shoulder range of motion,

Angela Kennedy and Hip Bursitis

Our Cool Springs patient, Angela Kennedy, shares her recovery from hip bursitis. Angela runs an after school program for the Williamson County School district. She enjoys spending time and interacting with all of the kids, so when her hip started to hurt she turned to her favorite orthopedic surgeon and his recommendation to Elite PT and Balance.

Misha’s Piriformis Story

As a practicing physical therapist, I found myself as a patient dealing with Piriformis Syndrome. My testimony involves self diagnosis and self treating. After a “bout” of over-activity that seemed to cause consistent numbness down the posterior aspect of my left leg with left foot parenthesis (abnormal sensations). Several doctors visits with a missed diagnosis left me self treating for over 2 years and for a time,