About Our Practice

Elite Physical Therapy was founded in 2001 in Shelbyville, Tennessee and has expanded to clinics in Franklin and Spring Hill, Tennessee.   Founders Kasey Cartwright Parsons and Julie Shoemake and their team are committed to providing the highest quality of treatment with the best results.

What sets Elite PT apart from others is:  
  • Our focus on results.  
  • Our ability to get them.  
  • Keeping updated with the latest equipment and technologies.  
  • Let us be your "go to for assistance in finding the right physician for your healthcare.

So how do we do that?
We do that with the advanced skill of our physical therapy staff.  You will receive direct hands-on care at each visit in a professional and friendly manner which will make you feel like you are part of our family.  We follow through from the type of care you receive, to what to do at home to aid in your recovery, to anything related to insurance or personal responsibility.

Our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality of care, while continuing to educate our patients and our staff with improvements in the field of healthcare.

It is our goal to provide these services based on a firm foundation of integrity, honesty, dedication and mutual respect.

Meet Our Team