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The State of Tennessee now allows most consumers to be treated by a qualified physical therapist without a prescription from a physician. Contact us today to set-up an evaluation.
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Fill out your new patient forms right here online to reduce the handwritten paperwork on your first visit, so we both can just focus on your therapy goals to help you Feel Better Faster!
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The foundation of our practice is the relationship of trust we build with our patients. We want to hear your story of suffering so we can find the keys to a healthier life for you.
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Visit our Testimonials page for more success stories!

Jimmy Nowlin

“I love the anti-gravity treadmill the best! Makes it so easy to walk! If everybody had this treadmill at home, everyone would be in better shape. Thanks Elite!”

Mark Kincaid

“My physical therapy experience at Elite has been nothing short of exceptional. The progress we’ve made together in such a short time is more than I could ask for and the professionalism of the staff made me comfortable from the very start. The great relationships I’ve made with everyone there makes me look forward to each session, thanks for the great work you do.”

Deborah Perryman

“After my car wreck, I had a balance issue called BPPV. Within a few weeks at Elite PT&B, I was shocked at the difference in daily life that I was experiencing. With my “Get Up and Get At It” attitude and their visible desire to want to help me; We Did It! To My EPT Family: “My cup runneth over.” Words alone can’t begin to describe the appreciation I have for each and every one of you. Thank You!”

With Elite Relief, you don’t have to have a doctor’s prescription.
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